Employment Opportunities


Hammi’s BBQ Employment Opportunities

Hello! This article is still being actively worked on as we look for help. As we are currently entering the winter season, we will be reworking many of our policies and practices for employees. This page will open and a form will be attached when we are looking for staff.

Once we add a newsletter there will be an option to receive an email when positions open.

~ David Desimone III
Website Developer, Hammi’s BBQ

About the Developer

Who I am

Hi. I’m David Desimone, also known as Fedzone. I am a 16 year old programmer and son of the owner of Hammi’s BBQ. I created this site to help further reach our customers and advertise our services.

About me

In my free time I enjoy programming different games and websites like this, and creating unique never before seen experiences for people to enjoy. During the summer I work with my father at Hammi’s to earn some extra money for my projects.


  • (315) 706-8829
  • fedzone@hammisbbq.com
  • fedzone#2709 (Discord)